Learn techniques to gain up to 40% more investigative information from your eyewitness interviews.
Your understanding of the Witness Memory Retrieval Technique (WMRT) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will arm you with the best tools available for interviewing surviving victims of and eyewitnesses to violent crimes/events.

Witness Memory
Retrieval Technique
Training Video
PTSD Tables

Only $29.99
Test Your Memory Recall
  • Up to 40% more investigative information
  • An increase in accurate information retrieved
  • Reduction in leading eyewitnesses
  • No legal ramifications in the judicial system
  • Increased consistency in interview procedures
  • More complete reports
  • Fewer wrongful convictions
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Give Yourself The Investigative Edge Memory Recall Training is dedicated to providing the very best Training and up to date information about Memory Recall, Memory Retrieval Techniques & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Witnesses, Eyewitnesses & Victims especially for those in the Investigative Industry, Law Enforcement, Police, Detectives, Police Chiefs, Fire & Arson Investigation, Interrogators, Insurance Investigators, Law Offices, Lawyers, Prosecutors for Investigations, Interviews, Interrogations, Examination & Testimony.

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